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Anne Elise Schneemann was born on June 4th, 1979 at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Walnut Creek. Her parents, John and Laurie Schneemann loved their little bundle of joy so much that they decided to have another one and a year and a half later, to Anne's chagrin, her sister Karen was born.

Anne spent those early years playing in the park, boldly climbing up the biggest slides in the park with the encouragement of her dad. Always the athlete, she took swimming lessons and gymnastics at an early age.

She was also enrolled at Train Station preschool where she had her acting debut in a reenactment of the pilgrims and the Indians on the first Thanksgiving. After graduating, she began her studies at Woodside Elementary school, where she played the song flute, sang in the chorus and learned to play the clarinet under the tutelage of Mr. Jennings. In her spare time, when she wasn't leading other children on a mutinous escape from Y-Camp after-school day care, she could often be found engaged in various Girl Scout activities, skating to 80's hits at Roller World in Clayton, or just riding her bike around the cul-de-sac with her sister.

For sixth through eighth grades she attended the infamous Oak Grove Middle School. Here she studied French under Madame Chang and learned to play the saxophone under Mr. Kaiser, eventually joining his jazzy jazz band. Meanwhile she began playing basketball as a free agent, associated with the St. Francis of Assisi CYO basketball program in Concord. Anne then moved on to Ygnacio Valley High School to finish her K-12 education, where she wowed her fellow classmates and teachers alike with her prowess both in the classroom as well as on the basketball and volleyball courts. She excelled at nearly everything she tried and even the ornery Ms. Smith was won over by her natural charm and athleticism. It was here, through the band program at YV that she made her first trip to Hawaii, a tropical destination that she soon fell in love with. During this same time period, she took tennis lessons at Heather Farms, visited France with her family and learned to actually enjoy her sister's company.

After getting accepted to UCLA, she soon met a group of similarly quirky and fun-loving characters with whom she formed a prestigious sorority under the title: Delta Delta Apple Pi. She also met an accomplished young guitar player and fellow student by the name of Ralf Gottschalk, who would turn out to be her boyfriend over the next decade. She taught him many things: snowboarding and an appreciation for exotic food to name just a few.

"Yo quiero aprender espanol." "¡Si, aprender espanol en España!"

Always having an affinity for the ocean and marine creatures, she soon set her sights on a degree in Marine Biology, which of course required another trip to Hawaii for a quarter. It is only natural for a Marine Biologist to learn to scuba dive, and she took this challenge on whole-heartedly. Sea creatures were not enough to fill her huge heart, so she decided to take the pre-med track in the hopes of eventually becoming a doctor.

Medical school was not working out for her, so in the interim she became an EMT and worked at two hospitals in Pleasanton and Livermore. Here she learned that though being a doctor would be great, it's not all it's cracked up to be, and nurses spend more time caring for patients. While pondering on that and what was in store for her, she decided it was time to see what her crazy sister was up to and that meant taking a trip to Russia. Not a fan of the cold weather, she then planned a warmer vacation destination and visited the monkeys and sloths in Costa Rica. When she wasn't traveling the world she was traveling to see Ralf, who was stuck in Los Angeles battling the cutthroat GIS job market, and they spent some time three-wheeling and kayaking their way up and down the coast.

Realizing that this was not enough time together, she decided to try her luck back down in southern California to be closer to Ralf. There she moved to the beautiful city of Santa Monica and tried various jobs here and there while finishing up some prerequisites for nursing school. Apparently doctors and nurses educations don't mix. Eventually she found herself at the Santa Monica Water Department, where she had to unfortunately spend many a lunch hour lounging on the beach.

Some might call this paradise, others, just another day, but for Anne, the world called to her to travel once again. This time to Germany and Austria where she spent some time getting to know Ralf's relatives. Naturally they all loved this "snowman" and showered her with gifts of beers, schnapps, fridaten suppe and of course palatschinken.

Shortly after returning from Europe Ralf got a job at some company out in Redlands. Though not the first place she wanted to live, in fact far from where she ever though she would go, she left the sunny beaches of Santa Monica for the hot, dry and sometimes smoggy Inland Empire.

There she dabbled in various jobs while finishing her nursing school prerequisites and eventually found herself at Loma Linda Nursing School. After graduating, she took a position as an oncology nurse at Loma Linda University Medical Center, where she worked for almost two years.

During this time, Anne found some more time to do a little traveling. She waddled the cliffs of Argentina with the penguins, toured our nation's capital with a Murse (male nurse action figure), and with pint glass in hand, tackled the savage Portland underground, all the while fending off berry pickers and seals. Even with such a busy schedule she still found time to visit her many friends.

Together Anne and Ralf bought a house, which though was nice, still was missing that critical element. Enter Jack the dog. Now